King Christopher
King Christopher
Aliases The Legendary King
The Great Alchemist Hero
Place of Creation Amestris
Date of Creation 1900
Age 26
Species Human
Occupation Führer
Abilities Weapon Specialist
Martial Arts
Weapon Alchemy
Unique Trait Courageousness
Intense Amount of Energy
Goal Peace
King Christopher is the Führer (大総統, Daisōtō) of Amestris, and with this status, it is his duty to protect and control the country, maintaining the stability of it.


King Christopher has spiky blonde hair which is lifted up by a golden fore-head protector that represents a leaf symbol. He has whisker designs on his face and gold eyes with his pupil being shaped rectangular. Around his eyes are blue paint which match his blue jacket that he wears under his outfit.


King Christopher is confident and is not the type to give up. Although that, he is kind and caring and loves pulling pranks which decreases the reasons on why he should be Führer.