The GovernmentEdit

The Government manages and makes the laws of Amestris. They register characters which allow them to go on their journey in Amestris. They look over all alchemy use by these characters and even the groups they join. They promote and demote characters based on their deeds in Amestris. The Government can be your enemy though, as if you do not follow the laws you will be punished. Their decisions are also final and are not to be questioned.


  • Once a soldier's character has the potential to start their journey, their character is registered in the registration section and is monitored until the soldier has completely decided the final decision for their character. You will turn in your character in the tab above, and it will be checked for registry.
  • After making the final decision for their character, The Government will follow every action of that soldier in order to make sure they are not doing anything illegal. After successfully completing registration, you will recieve tracker on your character page, that will record your race, level, exp, and money intake.