Registration ProcessEdit

  • Everyone can get started by creating their character, choosing their race, and creating their powers.
    • After choosing your race you may pick your role as this race whether it be a protagonist or antogonist.
  • If your character is fine, it will be given a tracker while their powers are overlooked by The Government to make sure it stays legal.
    • Character will be turned in to the Registration Tab.
    • Templates will be given by the Government.
  • After the character has been fully registered you are allowed to start your journey.


  • Everyone has their own journey. It is a freeroam role-play where you fight for your beliefs. You will be accompanied by a storyteller who will keep you in the boundaries of the role-play.
    • Depending on your performance in that role-play, you will gain EXP and money which are used to show your experience and buy items.
    • The EXP and money are recorded on the tracker given to you on your character page.

Role-Playing SystemEdit

  • Characters are moderated by a "Storyteller" that will act as your environment including your NPCs, weather, enemies and other things that might interact with you on your journey.
    • You role-play by doing actions. (Ex: *walks through forest*).
    • Sometimes you have to be specific when doing actions, so your actions can be effective.
  • During the course of your story, it will be monitored and documented on your character page and categorized based on Arcs. Arcs are the events that happen in the Sagas. Sagas are pre-released and set up by The Government itself. The story builds on itself as the arc does based on the events that occur during the journey of that arc building up a story.