Aliases Homunculus
Red Haired Psycho
Place of Creation Xerxes
Age 435
Affiliations Homunculus
Species Homunculus
Abilities Powerful Alchemy, Immortality
Weapon Alchemy
Father (お父様, Otō-sama) is an extremely powerful Homunculus.


Father is usually seen as a very calm and somewhat serious individual. He rarely shows any signs of surprise and also has a somewhat bored look on his face in many of his appearances.

Father is also coldblooded and will do anything to get his plans achieved even massacring a whole city. He is very confident about his plans and has no fear of anyone who comes to his way as he as never lost a fight.


Father has red semi-long hair that reaches to his chin and he wears a black and yellow coat that has mesh. His eyes are very distinct as they have many circles in them and are not a normal color.